Topic Assessment

Every articles published on Gizigo begin their journey by getting their topics researched first.

This process take several factors into account such as checking trends, what our competitors bring to the table, the ability of our nutritionists and dietitians to serve that topic, and so on.


Writing the Article

When the topic has been decided, the real works start. Our nutritionists and registered dietitians will start their rigorous labors about the topic by identifying what points they need to convey to the readers, reading research papers, and fact-checking the popular information available on many other sites.

Time and time again, our contributors find that the information readily accessible by most internet users are misinformation. At those times, we choose to provide the more accurate information based on available researches.

On the other time, the article might need the real touch of a cook. So the nutritionist or registered dietitian assigned for that topic will hunker down at the kitchen and get busy by preparing the ingredients, processing the meals and taking documentation of the entire operation.


Editor’s Approval

After the writing is ready, our editors will examine the result. They will make sure that the draft prepared by our contributors addresses the topic properly, answers what the users need thoroughly, and follows our quality guidelines closely.

Some final touch to “smoothen” the articles will be added to makie them more readable to the laymen – most professionals in specialized fields tend to use too much technical jargons, afterall.


Review by Expert Advisors

Our contributors are bright people that have completed their formal medical schools. But Gizigo’s expert advisors have higher expertise in Nutritional Science. They all are nutritionists and registered dietitians with postgraduate or doctorate’s degree, as well as researches and masterful knowledge about nutrition.

The articles on Gizigo will reviewed by one of our expert advisors. It they are deemed as having unsatisfying quality or incorrect information, some major overhauls.will be in order Thus, the process starts all over again until they are ready to get published.