When Celebrity Moms Share Their Baby’s Weaning Experiences

During the first six months, a mother can fully meet the nutritional needs of her babies by giving breast milk.
Yet, breast milk is no longer sufficient for all their needs after that. Complementary food or weaning food is needed for babies older than six months old.

As the name implies, complementary food is given as an additional intake while the mother continues to provide breast milk.

Unfortunately, not all parents understand the details regarding this kind of food.

Some examples are:

  • How to start introducing solid foods correctly,
  • What is the form of complementary foods,
  • How to adapt the weaning foods to the baby’s age and growth since their digestive system is still imperfect.

At the beginning of 2019, Fasty Arum Utami (an expert advisor of Gizigo) and several Indonesian female celebrities shared his knowledge about introducing a baby to solid food at Tokopedia Tower.

This event was held to commemorate Indonesian National Nutrition Day.

Fasty, which usually does nutrition counseling sessions for breastfeeding mothers, shared how to wean a baby properly without worry.

The celebrity moms who were present also shared their experiences, particularly about how they cared for their children who are starting to enter the age of six months and over.

There are a lot of stories to unveil by those celebrity moms.

Sandra Dewi’s story

Sandra Dewi said she had various ways to get Raphael Moeis to eat, for example, by inviting him to play and joking around while eating.

Her little one’s curiosity was quite high, so Sandra sometimes invited Raphael to a meal with her.

“My little one is quite moody. If he likes one type of food, he eats really quickly. If he doesn’t like it anymore, I have to entertain him to make him want to eat, “Sandra said.

Joana Alexandra’s story

Joana Alexandra also shared her experiences. According to her, children basically love simple things.

Joana has a trick to get her children to want to eat. She plays facial expressions and voice intonation when accompanying the little ones to eat.

The mother of four added, “Sometimes you have to exert tons of energy to entertain your little ones, so they want to eat.”

Sharena Delon’s story

Quite different from her celebrity peers, Sharena applies definite meal times to shape her babies’ habits.

Her little ones are given a specified amount of time to eat every two hours. Even if they only want a few tablespoons, it’s not a problem. After 30 minutes, the food will be taken.

“So they learn that if they don’t eat, they’d be hungry,” said Sharena.

Fasty’s take

All the methods used by the celebrity mothers to provide complementary foods are permissible. When introducing solid foods to children, the main things to consider are:

  • How to make sure your children want to learn to eat with fun.
  • Your little ones are growing (height, weight, and head circumference) according to their growth and development phase.

After their sharing session, the celebrity moms who attended were invited to participate in a cooking competition.

Fasty Arum Utami, Sandra Dewi, and Chef Gregory were asked to evaluate the results of the mother’s MP-ASI dishes.

After successfully cooking the meals, all that’s left is the mother’s creativity to invite the little one to eat!

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