Amount of Gluten Level in Beer Brands & Types

Gluten Levels in Beer Chart (by Brands & Grain Types)

Most beers available on the market nowadays contain different gluten levels. Furthermore, a beer’s gluten content could vary significantly between brands or even types of grain used.

So, we provide 2 types of gluten level charts for you in this article: The gluten levels by beer brands and by grain types. Please note that we only compile and present the data from research and independent tests.

You can download all tables (beer brands and beer grain types) for FREE by clicking the button below. You can print the PDF file or just read it on your phone. We will explain how to use the PDF in the last section of the article.


  1. Some beers can show inconsistent gluten indications. This can happen due to differences in the content of the active enzymes contained therein, contamination during the harvest process, or cross-contamination.
  2. The independent tests are done and analyzed using EZ Gluten. The results obtained can vary for each person who tests it. The results of Tester X are not necessarily the same as Tester Y.
  3. The EZ gluten test kit may show different results depending on the newness of the tool. Reagents or test strips purchased simultaneously can degrade over time if used at different times. The test results may be different, even though the reagent has not reached its expiry date. 
  4. Gizigo only compiles and presents information from research and other sources. Our content should not be construed as medical advice, and we cannot guarantee that the information is always up to date. You understand that you are using any and all information available here at your own risk.

Gluten Levels in Beer Chart (by Brands)

The first table is the beer brands’ gluten level done independently by self-published testers.1 2

The beers inside each level from this table are NOT sorted by the highest/lowest amount of gluten content. It’s sorted by alphabetical order, so you can quickly find what brands you are looking for.

Bud Light NEXTVery low
Burning Brothers Irish AleVery low
Duvel Golden AleVery low
Duvel Tripel Hop CitraVery low
Truly Hard SeltzerVery low
Carlsberg PilsnerLow
Corona ExtraLow
Daura DammLow
Dechutes Lil SqueezyLow
Modelo NegraLow
Omission Ultimate IPALow
Omission Pale AleLow
Omission Golden LightLow
Omission LagerLow
Pacifico ClaraLow
Stone Delicious IPALow
Amstel LightModerate
Bud Light PlatinumModerate
Hitachino Nest Red Rice AleModerate
Michelob UltraModerate
Brooklyn LagerSignificant
Bud LightSignificant
Chimay PremiereSignificant
Coors LightSignificant
Corona FamiliarSignificant
Corona PremierSignificant
Duvel 6,66 Blond AdeSignificant
Fat TIreSignificant
Firestone Pivo PilsSignificant
Keystone LightSignificant
Miller LiteSignificant
Pabst Blue RibbonSignificant
Sam Adams Boston LagerSignificant
Stella ArtoisSignificant
Summit EPASignificant
Table of gluten level in beer, sorted by brands. Source:

Here is the simple breakdown of the independent tests’ gluten amount per level:

Very low<10 ppm
Low5-30 ppm
Moderate20-60 ppm
Significant30-120 ppm
Category explanation for the tables of beers’ gluten contents by self-published sources.

FDA requires that a beer that claims itself as “gluten-free” should have less than 20 ppm (<20 ppm) gluten content.3 Following the United States, Canada and many European countries have adopted this amount as a standard for gluten-free beers.

The second table is the beer brands’ gluten level by Swedish National Food Agency (NFA) research from November 2009.4 Yes, it’s the famous, now-inaccessible “Gluteninnehåll i de öl som analyserats vid Livsmedelsverket“ paper discussed by many blog posts and internet articles.

AB Åbro Brewery, SwedenÅbro OriginalND
AB Åbro Brewery, Swedenarton 56ND
AB Åbro BreweryAnderssons Starköl47
AB Åbro BrewerySmåland41
Artur Guinness Son & Co, Dublin, IrelandGuinness Draft48
Artur Guinness Son & Co, Dublin, IrelandGuinness Extra Stout62
Brau Union Österreich AGZipfer23
Carlsberg, DenmarkCarlsberg Beer 2.8%15
Carlsberg, DenmarkCarlsberg Beer 3.5%21
Carlsberg, DenmarkD. Carnegie & Co Porter20
Carlsberg, DenmarkSaxon glutenfriND
Cerveceria Modelo, MexicoCorona extraND
Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, MexicoSolND
Erdinger Weissbräu, GermanyErdinger Weissbier1188
Erdinger Weissbräu, GermanyErdinger Weissbier dunkel1224
Falcon Breweries, SwedenFalcon28
Falcon Breweries, SwedenFalcon Ale22
Falcon Breweries, SwedenFalcon Extra brew24
Falcon Breweries, SwedenFalcon Pilz67
Falcon Breweries, SwedenFalcon Bayerskt55
Falken FalkenbergJul Öl49
Grolsche Bierbrowerij, HollandGrolsch Premium lager15
Harboes Brewery, DenmarkDen Glada Dansken25
Harboes Brewery, DenmarkDansk Pilsner Premium folköl42
Harboes Brewery, DenmarkDansk Pilsner Premium folköl34
Harboes Brewery AB DenmarkJulöl31
Harboes Brewery AB DenmarkBjørne Bryg49
Hartwall PLC, Tornio, FinlandLapin KultaND
Hartwall PLC, Tornio, FinlandLapin Kulta Premium lagerND
Heinecken Brouwerijen, HollandHeineken45
Hofbräu, GermanyHofbräu Oktober-festbier26
Inbev UK LimitedMurphys Irish Strout43
Jämtlands Brewery ABJulölND
Kopparbergs BreweryFagerhult Export III93
Kronenbourg Strasbourg, FranceKronenbourg 166497
Krönleins Brewery AB HalmstadJulöl export33
Löwenbräu, GermanyLöwenbräu Oktober-festbier21
Mariestad Brewery AB [Spendrups]Mariestads40
Mariestad Brewery AB [Spendrups]MariestadsND
Mariestad Brewery ABJulebrygd60
Pivovar Nová Paka, Czech republicBrouCzechND
Pivovary StaropramenStaropramen21
Pripps SwedenPripps Lättöl17
Pripps SwedenPripps Blå Special lager32
Pripps SwedenPripps Blå Pure28
Pripps (Carlsberg)Julöl33
Pripps (Carlsberg)Pripps Blå66
Shepherd Neame Faversham KentBishops FingerND
Singha Corp. ThailandSingha Premium lager beer17
Slottskällans BreweryUppsala Julöl23
Slottskällans Brewery ABVit Weissbier67
Slottskällans Brewery ABWienND
Slottskällans Brewery ABImperial Stout50
Spendrups Brewery ABGammeldags SvagdrickaND
Spendrups Brewery ABSpendrups Premium lager31
Spendrups Brewery ABNorrlands Guld21
Spendrups Brewery ABNorrlands Guld35
Spendrups Brewery ABSpendrups Premium GoldND
Spendrups Brewery ABSpendrup Bright Brew28
Spendrups Brewery ABOdin Pilsner46
Spendrups Brewery ABSpendrups Premium lager53
Spendrups Brewery ABJulöl24
Spendrups Brewery ABMariestads Export45
Spendrups Brewery ABNorrlands Guld38
Spendrups Brewery ABNorrlands JulND
Spendrups Brewery ABSpendrups Premium Gold35
Spendrups Brewery ABJulbock34
Starobrno Brewery CzechStarobrno Premium lager21
St Peter’s Brewery & Shop, UK*St Peters G-free (gluten free)ND
Tuborg Copenhagen, DenmarkTuborg Premium Beer Gold28
Zeunerts AB, SollefteåJulöl37
Table of gluten level in beer by Swedish NFA (November 2009). Source:
ND = Not Detected, less than 10 mg of gluten per liter
*According to the ingredients list on the brew sorghum

We had to cut some data (alcohol strength, color) to accommodate the limited width of the mobile phone’s screen. You can see the more complete data on the downloadable PDF.

How did the Testers Check the Gluten Level in Beers?

How Beer Gluten Level Testing was Done

According to the sources, some tests used the EZ Gluten test kit, while others used R5 ELISA.

So far, gluten tests by independent testers usually use EZ Gluten as it’s relatively easier to use by laypeople. So, you might want to consider this brand of testing kit if you plan on doing some testing yourself at home.

Here’s how to measure gluten level using EZ Gluten:5

  1. Determine what you want to measure and take as much as 1 full spoon (0.5 gram) of sample using the spoon provided.
  2. Put the measured sample (a spoonful or 0.5 gram) in the extraction solution’s vial.
  3. Cover the extraction solution and gently shake in inversion (rotate to the right and left) for 2 minutes.
  4. Place the bottle in an upright (cap on top) and let the contents settle for 5 minutes.
  5. Transfer 10 drops of the extraction solution (the clear solution at the very top of the vial) into a test tube using the pipette provided. To help the test tube stand upright, use the cap of the extraction solution bottle to hold it in place.
  6. Remove the test strip from the silver foil pouch and place it in the test tube with the pointer arrow pointing downwards at the end of the strip.
  7. Leave the test strip for 10 minutes (without touching it or giving it any other movement). Early removal of the test strip could result in invalid test results.
  8. Remove the strip from the test tube and lay it flat for 5 minutes before reading the results. Place a strip next to the result key to make it easier to read the results, then compare them.
  9. If you see a pink line, even faintly visible, it’s a positive result. The intensity of the bar that appears does not indicate the gluten concentration.

What Tools Are Available in the Market to Check the Beers’ Gluten Level?

Laboratory or Medical Gluten Testing Kit

In case you want some alternatives for measuring the gluten content in your beer, there are other brands of test kits available. Setting ELISA aside, here are the testing kits you could use to measure the gluten content of your foods:

  1. EZ Gluten. EZ Gluten testing kit is the easiest tool to use independently. It can quickly determine the presence of gluten in food or drinks. Its sensitivity level can detect gluten levels as low as 10 ppm (parts per million). This testing kit has been certified by AOAC Performance Tested Methods. EZ Gluten is intended for individuals so that they can test the gluten content of the food/drinks they wish to consume and avoid accidental exposure to gluten.
  2. Reveal 3-D for Gliadin. This testing kit can show results within 5 minutes. Intended for surface and liquid testing with the ability to detect gluten levels reaching 5 ppm gliadin (10 ppm gluten).6
  3. The AgraStrip Gluten dan AgraStrip Gluten G12. Testing kit that can be used on-site with a time of testing food samples in just 11 minutes (including extraction and reading of results).7

What Are the Categories for Beer’s Gluten Level  in US?

Map Showing Gluten Free Icon above the US Country

Gluten is found naturally in wheat, rye, barley, and their cross-bred grains. In general, gluten helps provide structure in food processing. Examples give shape, strength, and texture to the bread, pasta, noodles, and other grain products.8 9

Unfortunately, gluten is not only contained in the ingredients mentioned, but some foods and drinks contain hidden gluten. One of them is beer.10

Based on Food and Drug Administration regulations, beer is a fermented drink made from barley or malt (grains containing gluten).

Barley, wheat, and rye are the raw materials used in making beer. The proportion of these ingredients in alcoholic beverages will differ depending on the brand,11 so the gluten value will also vary.

Beer brands can claim their products are gluten-free if they meet the specified requirements. The “gluten-free” label is defined when beer meets the criteria for gluten content of less than 20 ppm.12

The beer level gluten categorization in the US is:13 14

Gluten Reduced Beer (Gluten Removed Beer)

This type of beer is still made using grains that contain gluten, such as barley, wheat, or rye. The gluten content in beer is not entirely removed but is reduced through enzyme activity. This process aims to break down the gluten protein into smaller sizes.

Beer producers cannot claim that their products are gluten-free because the content is still present, even though it has been reduced. This type of beer is still not recommended for people with celiac disease. 

Gluten-Free Beer from Dedicated Breweries

Only certain breweries produce 100% gluten-free beer; unfortunately, there are still a limited number of them. The entire beer-making process is guaranteed to be gluten-free. From the original recipe, the production line, to the finished product is designed to not involve any gluten.

The raw materials are made from sorghum, millet, quinoa, and buckwheat to get a gluten-free beer. The resulting taste may differ from the usual beer due to the absence of gluten content.

Some examples of breweries that produce gluten-free beer are Eckert Malting & Brewing (California), Holidaily Brewing Co. (Colorado), Burning Brothers Brewing (Minnesota), Rolling Mill Brewing Company (Ohio), Ground Breaker Brewing (Oregon), Aurochs Brewing Co. (Pennsylvania), Ghostfish Brewing Company (Washington), and Alt Brew (Wisconsin). 

Gluten Levels in Beer Chart (by Grain Types)

What Factor Affect the Amount of the Gluten Content in Beers?

Wheat Barley Sorghum Grain Types to Brew Beers

The value of gluten content in beer varies widely. Still, it mainly depends on the type of raw material, not the alcohol content (as shown previously in the NFA’s 2009 results table).

Below is the list of gluten content in beer based solely on their grain types, regardless of their brands. The research was titled “Measuring Hordein (Gluten) in Beer – A Comparison of ELISA and Mass Spectrometry.”

AleBarley0.05 – 35.0
Ale (wheat)Wheat/barley920 – 16,811
Dark lagerWheat/barley325
Gluten freeBarley, sorghum, or millet0.05 – 1.95
LagerBarley0.06 – 341
Light lagerBarley0.07 – 1.82
Low alcoholWheat258
Low carb. lagerBarley191
Low glutenSorghum0.07
PilsnerBarley0.1 – 0.8
Stout (barley)Barley220 – 470
Stout (wheat)Wheat13,530
Strong stoutBarley464
WheatWheat7,700 – 20,200
Wild typeBarley40,800 – 42,300
Table of gluten level in beer, sorted by grain types. Source:

The results are as follow:

  • Half the commercial gluten-free beers were free of gluten by Mass Spectrometry (MS) and ELISA.
  • Two gluten-free and two low-gluten beers had zero ELISA readings, but contained significant gluten levels, or near average gluten levels, by MS, respectively.
  • Six beers gave false negatives, with zero ELISA readings but near average gluten content by MS.
  • Approximately 20% of commercial beers had ELISA readings less than 1 ppm, but a near average gluten content by MS.
  • Several barley beers also contained undeclared wheat proteins.

Explanations on Gluten Levels in Beer Chart

As a registered dietitian, I’d like to add some information about beer’s gluten content. However, the tables don’t have space for that, so I’ll put it in this section.

What is the Beer Gluten Level Chart?

What is Gluten Level in Beer Chart

Beer’s gluten level comparison chart is a tool to help you choose which beers to drink based on their gluten contents. You can check which beer at the store contains a safe amount of gluten for you to consume.

If you haven’t downloaded our PDF yet, I’ll show the table for self-published tests once again.

Gluten Level in Beer Chart by Brands

For more beer brands, especially those of European origin, you can browse the NFA’s research results below. Please note that some of the beers in this list might not be available anymore in the market (they are data from November 2009, after all). I’ll try to include the more up-to-date findings for the next time.

Gluten Content in Beers Chart by Brands from Swedish NFA Research

If you need more broad, generalized information about beer types, you can check the beer’s gluten contents based on their grains.

Chart of Gluten Amount in Beer by Grain Types to Make It

Why You Should Use the Gluten Contents in Beer Chart?

Why You Should Use Gluten Level in Beer Chart

A gluten-free diet is a lifetime commitment for many people with particular conditions. A small intake could cause digestive problems or even intestinal damage. Yet, drinking alcoholic beverages is often hard to miss in everyday life.

Not all people with CD, gluten allergies, and gluten intolerance have the opportunity to test the gluten content every time they get the chance to consume beer. Moreover, only some manufacturers provide complete information regarding the gluten content.

Using the gluten-level table on this page lets you quickly determine whether you can still consume this beer. Checking the table is the least you can do as preventive action so that your symptoms do not occur.

Now, you don’t have to miss the opportunity to relax with a beer. Even if you have reduced gluten intake or other health conditions, you can still enjoy your time with your drinks.

Who should Use the Gluten Amount in Beer Chart?

Who Should Use Gluten Level in Beer Chart

The gluten level table is intended for people who want to consume beer but need to watch their intake of gluten. For example:14

  1. People who suffer from celiac disease (CD),
  2. People with non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS),
  3. People who have gluten ataxia (GA),
  4. People who have dermatitis herpetiformis (DH),
  5. and people with gluten allergies.

How to Use the Tables of Gluten Level Contents in Beer?

How to Use Gluten Level in Beer Chart

Here’s a simple made-up case to showcase how you’d use the tables:

  1. Junny’s closest friends want to host a bachelor party in 2 weeks for the groom-to-be. The thing is, Junny has a gluten allergy.
  2. It’s hard not to drink beers at your own bachelor party, right? Junny doesn’t want to miss the party, even with his allergy. It might be his last moments of freedom, after all.
  3. There’s no way you’d only prepare one kind of beer. It’d be boring, so his friends bring all kinds of beer brands. However, nobody has the time to check whether the beers are gluten-free. Bachelor party preparations, work stuff, life happens. You know the drill.
  4. Suddenly, it’s already time for the party. Knowing that checking for gluten levels is Junny’s best  option, he decided to find some information about different beer brands’ gluten levels on the internet.
  5. It doesn’t take long for Junny to find our tables, which display the beer brands and their gluten content levels.
  6. He can browse the lists displayed in this article while checking what beers his friends have prepared. Or he can download the PDF file to use it again.
  7. Junny can now choose several beers with low gluten or gluten-free content. The bachelor party goes well without the symptoms of gluten intolerance flaring up.

What are the Benefits of Checking the Beer Gluten Level Tables?

What are the Benefits of Using Gluten Level in Beer Chart

The benefit of checking the table is finding beer brands you can consume based on gluten content more quickly and easily.

It’s faster because you don’t have to test the beers around you one by one yourself. It’s easier because you just need to browse through the list based on the brand or grain used.

If you have only been drinking particular brands so far because you don’t know what you’d get, now is the right time to explore new brands. Try several other beers without the frightening feeling of poking around in the dark!

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